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*Swedish massage: Smooth, gliding and kneading strokes, coupled with firm but gentle pressure to promote overall circulation and reduce muscle tension. It is a classic massage that will ease stress and allow you to enter into calm state of relaxation.

* Deep tissue massage: Designed to remove severe tension from overuse and muscle imbalances, healing both muscles and connective tissue at the deepest layer. It helps to improve range of motion and foster a state of soft tissue healing by releasing painful knots and active trigger points.

* Signature Balance Massage: An integrated and fully customized bodywork approach utilizing Thai, Shiatsu and Sports Massage techniques.  The Signature Balance Massage aims to improve joint range of motion and flexibility through the use of assisted stretching and compression. Think of it as the therapist doing yoga with you!
* Prenatal Massage: This therapeutic bodywork enhances muscle and joint function, improves circulation, and can relieve mental and physical fatigue, stress and strain.
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