Health & Wellness Coaching

Hi, I'm Carolyn


I'm a health & wellness coach who helps modern (i.e busy!) women manage their minds, create happiness, health, and balance, and finally start LIVING! 

Ask yourself this question, "How do I want to feel each day?" 

Is the answer, overworked, exhausted, unfit, anxious, unhealthy, and unhappy? 


Searching for answers, comfort, and distraction in food, alcohol, shopping, work, and social media?


Caught up in negative thoughts, “ I don’t have the time/energy/resources to be healthy or happy right now”. 

Or even... “I’m fine. Not happy or unhappy, just... fine”. 


OF COURSE NOT! You know you are capable of SO MUCH MORE! 


I can help.

With two decades of experience and extensive study in health, wellness, and psychology, I’ve learned that health, happiness, and true joy originate from the inside out


Together we can welcome health, energy, purpose, happiness, and vitality back into your life! 


During our time together you will:

  • Examine your current thoughts, attitudes, habits, and results with a fresh perspective - you will be shocked at some of the things you believe to be true and how misguided your thinking can be!

  • Learn how your thoughts and emotions are directly related to the results you are getting - and what you can do to change them.

  • Cultivate a healthier relationship with food, your body, and your mind.   

  • Access your own powerful intrinsic motivation by identifying ‘your why.’

  • Create incredible goals and take BIG action to bring them to life.

  • Find an accountability partner in me; a trusted friend cheering you on to your dream life. 


Your life can be whatever you want it to be. 

You just need to get super clear about what it is you want, and be willing to look deeply to figure out what’s been holding you back.


We will do it together. 


I'm with you every step of the way.

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