Hi, I'm Carolyn! I help busy women create health & happiness using my Three Pillar approach. 

Move + Nourish + Connect

It's the solid foundation for a full, intentional, beautifully imperfect life.  

This life is not only possible... it's yours for the taking. I'll show you how to get there.

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Ask yourself this question, "How do I want to feel each day?" 

Is the answer overworked, exhausted, unfit, anxious, unhealthy, uninspired, and unhappy? 


Searching for answers, comfort, and distraction in food, alcohol, shopping, work, and social media?


Caught up in negative thoughts, “ I don’t have the time/energy/resources to be healthy or happy right now”. 

Or even... “I’m fine. Not happy or unhappy, just... fine”. 


OF COURSE NOT! You know you are capable of SO MUCH MORE! 

More laughter, appreciation, energy, inspiration, strength, connection, clarity.... more of the Good Stuff we all so desperately want, but often cannot find.  

I can help you get there.

With two decades of experience and extensive study in health, wellness, yogic practices, and psychology, I’ve learned that health, a calm mind, and true joy originate from the inside


Together we will welcome health, energy, purpose, connection, ease, joy, and vitality back into your life as you dream BIG for your future self! 

Check out the video below to see what 'healthy' can look and feel like in your life! 






Any of this sound familiar?

  • "I just have an all or nothing personality, there is no middle way with me." A favorite of mine for years!

  • "The new diet starts tomorrow; I might as well eat all the carbs/sugar/fat now because I'm never going to have it again after this..." The fast track to yo-yo dieting!

  • "I lost weight doing paleo/weight watchers/juice cleanses/Atkins/keto in the past, I should try that again." 

  • "Once the kids are back in school, I'll have more time for myself; and then I'll focus on getting healthy, trying yoga, doing the Peloton, getting back to my artwork etc..." The timing will never be perfect, start anyway.

  • "My sleep habits are awful, I wake up every morning feeling groggy." What can you learn from days that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized? 

  • "My nightly glass of wine often turns into a nightly bottle; then I feel sluggish the next day."

  • "I barely have time to sit down for lunch, how am I supposed to fit in an hour long exercise class?" Where did we get this idea that it has to be 60 minutes in order to be effective? 

  • "I only eat berries, eggs, chicken, and salad - why can't I lose these last 5, 10, 15.... lbs?

  • "My back/knee/neck/shoulder hurts and I can't move the way I once did." 

  • "Ugh. I'm so fat/old/wrinkled; my hair is too thick/thin/curly/straight/weird/frizzy; my skin is so wrinkled/dry/full of adult acne; my clothes are so tight/depressing/out of date/out of style/unflattering..."

  • "I know I should do xyz, but then I sit on the couch instead... I can't understand why??" Hint: It always comes back to a simple thought.


What if I told you that none of these thoughts are actually true? Not a single one.


That they are just sentences in your head that you've believed so deeply and for so long that they just feel like the truth? 

AND - that you can change them. On purpose. With intention. 

I will show you how.

FREE CALL w/ Dr. Frost: Get Ready for Enhanced Health & Happiness! 

Direct benefits of our time together: 

  • Understand your current thoughts, beliefs, and habits with a fresh perspective - this is the real beginning of life-changing curiosity, openness and honesty!

    • What's not working? Address it, and then build upon what is working. 

  • Cultivate a healthier relationship with food, your body, and your mind. 

    • Heal the relationship with yourself first, and then watch how this positively impacts your Whole. Entire. Life. Consider how you speak to yourself when it comes to food, exercise, your strengths/weaknesses.... 

  • Access your own powerful intrinsic motivation - that part of you that shows up when the rest of you wants to give up.

    • Figure out exactly who she is and call on her often. 

  • Create incredible goals and take BIG action to bring them to life.

    • No limits here!

  • Find an accountability partner in me; a trusted friend cheering you on to your dream life. 

    • “The efficacy of an accountability partner is well-established. We are 65% more likely to meet a goal if we commit to another person. That success rate rises to 95% when regular check-ins follow that commitment”


Your life can be whatever you want it to be. 

You just need to get super clear about what you want, and be willing to look deeply to figure out the thoughts that have been holding you back. 


We will do it together.





We'll follow these 3 Steps:

1. Bring deep and intentional awareness to your thoughts and emotions.

You ​won't believe what's running through your mind, and the often negative impact these thoughts are having on your life.

2. I'll teach you a simple method to up-level your thoughts - this is the Good Stuff

Your brain will revert back to old thought patterns... unless you teach it something new to think. Clean up those old/negative/outdated/unhelpful thoughts and begin thinking with intention! 

3. Take BIG action and create BIG results. 

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? ​








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