We are here for you 💚 

We are SO excited to offer a lineup of ONLINE YOGA CLASSES taught by our very own Balance teachers.

Find your Balance by continuing your yoga and meditative practices, and remember that even though there may be isolation, fear, anxiety, and worry right now, there is also love, hope, compassion, and strength. 

Please reach out to me directly at with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns. We are always here to listen, encourage and support you.


Offered through ZOOM! Just download the app on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Sign up for the class you want to take on MINDBODY at least an hour before the class you want to take. You'll receive an email with a link to participate ~ 15 minutes before the class begins. Click on that link to join the class! Contact with any questions or to inquire about a late sign up.

*PLEASE forward this on to any friends or family members that you think might benefit from the movement and resulting peace and calm. 


  1. You must register on MINDBODY in order to participate in a class AT LEAST 1 hour before the class begins. You will be sent an email with a link to join about 20 min prior to the class start time. Use that link to join the class. Contact with any questions or late registration requests - we will do the best we can to accommodate. Of note:

    1. You might like to hook up to Apple TV and watch the video on your television.

    2. You can stream sound through Bluetooth to a portable speaker.

  2. Be ready to go at least 10 minutes prior to class! Take some time to set up your space - have everything you need close by (yoga mat, water, blocks etc...). Set up outdoors, or dim the lights and grab a candle or some essential oils for some added ambiance!

    1. Have blocks, a strap, blankets, pillows etc.. (or suitable substitutions) on hand to assist during your practice! Some ideas for household items can be found HERE.

    2. Options to turn up the heat! You might go to the smallest room in your house - crank the heat and run a humidifier. Some students even practiced in their bathrooms with the steam on! 

  3. You can join with video (or not), though we would really love to see you - jammies and all! 

  4. The instructors will do a combination of postures and simple instruction - follow along as best you can. 

  5. Remember that these classes are not heated - so adjust accordingly. Especially long time Hot26 practitioners - your postures may not look or feel the same as they do in the hot room - this is to be expected! Be kind to yourself; don't push to get into those same shapes. 

  6. These classes are for ALL levels - even beginners and first time yogis. Class Descriptions are located HERE.

  7. Encourage family members to join in, even small children can get in the mix - the more the merrier, always! 

  8. Don't worry if you need to arrive late or leave the class early - you won't bother or interrupt anyone.

  9. Most importantly - HAVE FUN!! Use this time as a way to find peace, calm, movement, connection etc... take whatever you need from the practice and leave the rest.