Awareness to Action

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Congratulations on continuing your forward momentum and taking yet another step toward a

healthier, happier, and brighter future!

We'll use these next 3 months to take the awareness you cultivated last month to a much deeper level.

You'll learn practical strategies and skills to live a life that is in full alignment with your best self.

This is YOUR time to shine.

Awareness to Action Members have exclusive access to this private webpage

Here you will find the Zoom video recordings, our group chat, information, tips, documents, guides, resources, and more to support you on your journey!

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Important Links



Here are the downloads you need to successfully participate in the program.


NONE of this is mandatory, take what suits you and leave the rest. 

Your Action Manual

One for each group session.

Review and complete ahead of our meeting to get the most out of our time together.

Week 1: 2/9/2021: Where You Are and Where You're Going

Week 3: 2/23/2021: CTFAR - The Self-Coaching Model

Week 5: 3/9/2021: Personal Mantras

Week 7: 3/23/2021: Journaling; Your Way

Strategy Session Prep Form

Complete this prior to our one-on-one session each month.

Three Pillars Worksheet

Use this worksheet to track your daily nutrition, movement, and points of connection. 

Zoom Call Link

Every other Tuesday @ 7:30 pm

2/9; 2/23; 3/9; 3/23; 4/13 and 4/27

Passcode: 091665

Weekly Zoom Recordings 

Will be posted here after our sessions

Week 1 (2/9): "Where You Are and Where You're Going"

Week 3 (2/23): "CTFAR - The Self-Coaching Model"

Week 5: (3/9): Personal Mantras

Week 7: (3/23): Journaling; Your Way

Carolyn's Action Hour

Bonus hour! I'll be HERE on Zoom to provide extra support.

Log on to chat, share a success, ask a question etc...

  • Wednesday 2/17  3-4 pm

  • Monday 3/15  4-5 pm

  • Thursday 4/15 3-4 pm