About Us

Welcome to Balance Yoga & Wellness!


We are thrilled you're here.


It has been a long time dream of ours to open a yoga

and wellness center - we are so fortunate to see it come

to fruition, and to share our love of yoga, health and

wellness with this incredible community!


Carolyn has a doctorate in Health Education and an eclectic yoga practice spanning almost two decades (Hot 26/Bikram, Vinyasa, Restorative, Prenatal, Yin etc...). Carolyn is passionate about helping people feel good in their own skin through yoga and other wellness practices.


Click HERE to find out out more about her Health & Wellness Coaching practice and SIGN UP HERE for her blog, Healthy Mindset Weekly - packed with the yoga, psychology and health related topics that matter to you! 


Dave has a background in finance and consulting, and currently leads an executive coaching group for major corporations. He has a strong Hot 26/Bikram practice that goes back over 15 years to our early days together in NYC. He is passionate about health, fitness, and all things golf! 


We live in Westchester with our 4 incredible kids and one cute pup~ always working to find the BALANCE in our lives!

Please always REACH OUT with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions; we truly love to hear from you!

Carolyn & Dave Frost